The Blue Dragon COURAGE Appeal 2015

Amount of COURAGE raised so far $364,880
We need to raise $350,000
Donate now!

Great News! In the last two weeks, we’ve raised the funds for our matching grant of $30,000.
That means we’ve raised $60,000 towards our Courage Appeal. Thank you to our generous ‘matching’ donor
and to everyone who has donated so far to the COURAGE Appeal.

What does COURAGE mean to you?

At Blue Dragon, children in crisis face this question every day

They need COURAGE

COURAGE to give up their meagre life on the streets

COURAGE  to flee from traffickers

COURAGE to recover from terrible abuse

For every dollar donated…

Your donation to this year’s COURAGE Appeal will give to at least 1,500 homeless, at-risk and trafficked kids

Safe Homes
2 new + 3 existing shelters = 5 safe homes

Double our presence on the streets = stop abuse before it happens

Counselling and practical help = heal the trauma of trafficking and abuse

How you can help


Meals for a homeless child for 1 month


Counselling and a health check for a trafficked girl


Shelter, clothing, care for a child at risk of exploitation for 1 month


Rescue a child living on the streets


Rescue a girl trafficked to the sex trade

The COURAGE Appeal project has been guided, designed and produced by our kids!

Over the last few months, Blue Dragon kids have been exploring the idea of ‘courage’ with their social workers. We were overwhelmed with the ideas they came up with: from having the courage and confidence to talk in front of a group to stories of extreme bravery after experiencing abuse and violence. There were many difficult memories. There were also strong feelings of joy and triumph as the kids developed their own stories. 

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