When you donate to Blue Dragon…
84 centsgoes to services for the children
8 centspays for management and administration
8 centspays for fundraising and communications work

These figures vary from year to year depending on grants that we receive, but this 84/8/8 split is our annual target.

How far does your money go?

In Vietnam, Blue Dragon will make sure that your donation works hard to support children in crisis. Every dollar makes a difference.

$28 per month will sponsor a child to stay in school
$75 provides a health check for a young woman rescued from the sex trade
$100 gives a homeless kid the basic care they need for a month
$500 rescues a child trafficked into forced labour
$2,000 builds a home for a landless rural family
$5,000 rescues two young women from the sex trade

Why donate to Blue Dragon?

Your donation to Blue Dragon will have an amazing impact on vulnerable children in Vietnam, where a little goes a long way. We are committed to making every dollar work hard in our aim to change the lives of children in crisis. Children in Vietnam need your support!

  • We have 10 years of success in reaching out to kids in Vietnam: our methods work!
  • We have the passion: we care about the girls and boys we meet, seeing them as people rather than statistics, and we never give up on any child
  • We have a great team: with governance from Blue Dragon International and dedicated staff and volunteers, we are here for the long term