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Training workshop about online safety

Human traffickers frequently use social media to target and trap their victims. To keep kids safe, Blue Dragon is teaching young people about online safety, including how to deal with harassment and how to form safe relationships. Protecting children from online...

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Teen girl rescued from slavery

Earlier this year, 18 year old 'Du' traveled from her home in rural Vietnam to China, where a distant cousin said she could easily find a good job. But instead of being offered a job, Du realised she had been tricked; her relative had planned to sell her to a man who...

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Trafficking survivor set free after 637 days enslaved

'Thuong' counted every day she was locked inside her captor's house in China, beaten and abused by a man who claimed to be her husband. She survived 637 terrible days before being rescued by police who then contacted Blue Dragon to bring her home to Vietnam. Thuong...

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Dragon Tales August 2017

In this issue: A girl trafficked to a sweatshop and rescued by Blue Dragon is now a university student; July 2017 marks the 10th year of Blue Dragon’s first rescue of a girl trafficked to China; a new home for trafficking survivors; a great day out for kids with disabilities; and kids in central Vietnam taking part in capacity building activities!

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Blue Dragon’s founder, Michael Brosowski, shares the lessons he has learned from the people he meets from day to day.


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