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Dragon Wings is a community of over 200 monthly givers around the world who share a common belief: that children deserve the best chance in life they can get.
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Beyond infection:

The COVID-19 epidemic poses a threat for Vietnam’s most vulnerable


Blue Dragon Children’s Foundation provides exceptional care to Vietnamese children and families in crisis while creating long-term change for a better world.

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Your ongoing support will help provide essential services and care for street children, kids with disabilities and human trafficking survivors.

Abused and traumatized: Hoa’s healing journey

Abused and traumatized: Hoa’s healing journey

Hoa’schildhood was taken away from her by her own father, who sexually abused her when she was 13 years old. Now aged 15, Hoa remains determined to overcome trauma.  Hoa was born to a very poor family and has several siblings. Despite being terrified, when her father...

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Blue Dragon’s Impact

runaways reunited with their families

trafficked people rescued

kids sent back to school & training

children & families now have legal papers

A leader in the making

A leader in the making

There’s really only one good thing about a crisis. It shows us who we really are. Do we rise to the occasion, or fall into a heap? Do we keep smiling and working toward better days, or do we give up and expect the worst? For 19 year-old Viet, this global crisis has...

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Rescue in the days of coronavirus

Rescue in the days of coronavirus

It took Lan more than 4 years to find a chance of escape. In the end, it was the coronavirus that gave her the opportunity to call for help. Trafficked from Vietnam into Hunan province, she was sold to a violent Chinese man who treated her as an object and beat her...

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The hardest hit

The hardest hit

It’s hardly news at all now. The coronavirus, COVID-19, has swept the world. From some murmured concerns in December, this viral infection is now the daily lead story everywhere. People are worried. Over 130,000 are sick. Almost 5,000 have died. In response, the world...

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