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  1. Sent 4,058 kids to school & training
  2. Provided shelter to 315 girls & boys
  3. Served 418,551 meals
  4. Built 86 homes for families
  5. Distributed 40,054 litres of milk
  6. Handed out 61,204 kilos of rice
  7. Reunited 325 runaways with their families
  8. Taken 1,366 kids for health checks
  9. Put 8 teens through drug rehab
  10. Obtained legal papers for 8864 people
  11. Rescued 573 trafficked children
  12. Placed 223 teens in jobs
  13. Played 2,103 games of soccer!

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Blue Dragon’s founder, Michael Brosowski shared his views on human trafficking at TedxBadinh

“Rescue means being saved from a place where there is no future and go back to a normal life.”

“Rescue means freedom from sexual slavery.”

“Rescue means I am given the chance to change my life.”

Founder’s Blog


While not all can return to full and happy lives, many can. Thuong’s wedding was a beautiful end to one chapter of life, and the start of another.

Somebody should do something

So yes, somebody should do something about the state of our world. And if so much hard work and advocacy is being done by our youth, then what excuse does the adult world have for our failure to act?

Be angry

So be angry, and care for someone who needs you. That’s the best we can do.

Matters of significance

Normally I’d stick around a bit longer and spend more days in Sydney, which is my hometown. But this time, I have to get home to Hanoi for some matters of significance.


Emergency wards in hospitals are always terrible places to be. Nobody goes there when things are going well.
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