• Respect, not pity
          The children we work with are treated with at least the same respect that we would treat our own sons and daughters, brothers and sisters.
        • Development, not charity
          We work to help children develop fully as they grow, through providing a broad range of experiences and opportunities. Rather than simply provide a handout, we provide a hand-up for those who choose to better their circumstances and themselves.
        • Empowerment, not dependency
          Our role is to provide opportunities for children to pursue as individuals rather than to force our views or values on the children.
        • Collaboration, not control
          Our staff work alongside the children and their families, so that the beneficiaries are involved in all stages of our work, rather than simply being recipients of charity.
        • Massive interventions, not quick-fix solutions
          We tackle the problem of poverty from every angle rather than focusing on one obvious cause or effect. Our interventions may take years, as we persist until we are successful.

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Photo courtesy Jiri Pasz

We believe that:

  • Education is the key to escaping poverty
  • The children of today can create a better world tomorrow
  • Our children deserve the best treatment and the highest quality of service that we can provide
  • All children have the right to be children: to be safe, to attend school, to play, to be treated with respect, to be heard, to be understood and to be loved