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Preventing the trafficking of children into forced labour

Phòng Chống Buôn Bán Trẻ Em Vì Mục đích Bóc Lột Sức Lao động.

Child Labour and Migration: From Hue to Saigon, Vietnam Monash University, 2014

Child Labour and Migration: From Hue to Saigon, Vietnam Monash University, 2014

Download link

Guidelines for legal advocacy services for children in conflict with the law

This handbook is based on the experiences of Blue Dragon Children’s Foundation. It is for other NGOs and legal advocacy professionals who work with children who are in conflict with the law in Vietnam.

Download link

Trượt Dốc

Blue Dragon produced this comic book for Vietnamese street kids. It tells the story of a boy who gets into trouble with the law and the consequences. Language: Vietnamese

Hoa đến trường

“Hoa goes to school” tells the story of a young disabled girl who discovers that she too can go to school. This beautifully illustrated comic has been distributed to communities to raise awareness on education for kids with disabilities. Language: Vietnamese.

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