Blue Dragon Children’s Foundation USA

Blue Dragon USA was founded in 2011 by former volunteers and staff of Blue Dragon’s Children Foundation, including one of our original co-founders, Chung Pham. Blue Dragon Children’s Foundation USA is a 501(c)3 tax deductible public charity.

With the aim of providing resources and support to disadvantaged Vietnamese children, Blue Dragon USA is a growing charity seeking to establish chapters throughout the USA. If you are passionate about social issues and want to help Vietnamese kids, contact us at to see how you can be involved.


Chung Pham

Nancy Kellogg

Nelson Le

Blue Dragon Children’s Trust (New Zealand)

So how did New Zealanders get involved with a children’s learning centre in Hanoi, the capital city of Vietnam? One of the first New Zealanders to see the difference that Blue Dragon is making to the lives of hundreds of children was Alison Kember, wife of James Kember, New Zealand Ambassador in Hanoi from 2006 to 2009. Alison, a secondary school teacher, worked as a volunteer at Blue Dragon where she taught English to young Vietnamese women.

Through Alison, several New Zealand schools started fundraising for Blue Dragon. Wellington College and Hutt International Boys School have been fundraising for Blue Dragon over several years, the Taupo Language and Outdoor Education Centre has offered two ten-week scholarships to Blue Dragon students and the National Technology Institute in Auckland provides extensive support to Blue Dragon students.

Blue Dragon Children’s Trust (New Zealand) was set up in 2010  to provide an easy way for New Zealanders to make donations and promote any fundraising. The trustees organise fundraising activities, including an annual book fair. The Trustees raise funds for specific projects, such as Blue Dragon’s Shelter in Hanoi, and cover any administrative costs personally. 100% of every dollar raised and donated in New Zealand goes directly to the care of vulnerable children in Vietnam.

How  can I get involved?

Trustees (Wellington-based)

  • Louise Binns
  • Sue Chamberlain
  • Dinah Dobson
  • Sue Gifford
  • Kirsty Hazledine
  • Alison Kember
  • Iona McNaughton

Supporters in New Zealand

Wellington College
Hutt International Boys School, Lower Hutt
Taupo Language and Outdoor Education Centre
National Technology Institute, Auckland

Our supporters

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