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Another trafficked victim rescued

Blue Dragon has just rescued ‘Tuyen’ who was sold into a forced marriage in China 2 years ago. She met a boy through social media and agreed to be his girlfriend. When he proposed a trip, she jumped at the chance to finally meet him in person. She thought nothing of the fact that they would be going to a place which bordered China. After they got there, he introduced her to his ‘aunty’. He asked Tuyen to stay with her while he completed an errand. So she followed this woman and found herself exchanged for cash. Tuyen looked for every opportunity to escape but could not as she was locked up in the house. Finally, with time, her ‘husband’ became lax with securing her. When she saw her chance, she ran as fast and as far as she could in her pink bedroom slippers. Blue Dragon helped to return her to Vietnam. Tuyen is now on her way home to her family.

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