Emergency Appeal

Coronavirus has forced children and families into hunger and homelessness. Even as the crisis passes in Vietnam, remote rural communities are struggling to stay safe. Your urgent help is needed.
Donate Now!

Children in Vietnam need your help to overcome this crisis.

You can provide immediate aid to children and families who are hungry and in danger as the country starts to rebuild.

Your donation will:

  • Find children sleeping rough on the streets and get them to safety.
  • Provide emergency support for youth and families who have lost their incomes until they can start working again.
  • Give additional counselling and support to girls and women trapped in slavery during the pandemic.

Will you respond to this call for help?

In times of deep crisis like these, solidarity is the only vaccine.

Will you respond to this call for help?

You are part of the solution.

Here’s how far your money will go:

Your $100 will provide emergency care for a whole family in crisis

Your $250 will help up to 3 children be reunited with family after living on the streets or in slavery

Your $500 will cover all costs for a teen in vocational training, and job placement after graduation

Your $2,500 will rescue a victim of human trafficking from their place of slavery

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