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New Daisy Home for trafficking survivors

A housewarming party was held at the new Daisy House for trafficking survivors. The carers had prepared a wonderful spread of Vietnamese finger food together with the girls. A few of the girls who were living under the care of Blue Dragon over the previous years also returned for the celebration.… Read the rest

Learning and growing

Learning and Growing

Nguyen is a pretty special teenage boy.

He can be an angel at times, and he has a smile that beams with innocence. His mission in life is to bring joy to everyone; he becomes visibly frustrated and worried when people around him are arguing. Nguyen just wants everyone to be happy.… Read the rest

1st Aid workshop for carers

Knowing how to deal with medical emergencies is a valuable skill, especially when living in a city where road accidents are common. 64 parents and carers attended a Blue Dragon first-aid training session to learn how to stem bleeding, deal with broken bones, and administer CPR. The doctor also taught them the difference between a common cold and flu, and when to bring their children to hospital in case of fever.… Read the rest

Career Preparation Workshops start up again for the summer


If you had to draw a tree to represent yourself, what would it look like? This was a question 11 teens answered at Blue Dragon’s Career Preparation Workshop recently. Fruits represent achievements, flowers represent strengths, worms are for weaknesses, leaves are their plans, and the root of the tree are their core traits.

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Trafficking survivor awarded Kid of the Month

‘Tuyet’ spent two years in a sweatshop, locked away and forced to labour for up to 18 hours every day. Blue Dragon rescued her in January 2017 and helped her to return to school. Just 14 years old, she has shown great resilience and determination by catching up with the lessons she missed for 2 years with the help of a volunteer.… Read the rest