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To save a life


As the Blue Dragon kids grow up, some stay in close contact with us while others drift in and out. Social networks, both online and offline (aka ‘real life’!) keep us informed of what’s happening with the young people we know, even if we don’t always hear from them directly.… Read the rest

Jewellery Making Classes for Trafficking Survivors

Taking your mind off bad memories by making beautiful jewellery is wonderful. Trafficking survivors in the care of Blue Dragon are now taking jewellery making classes. The classes are part of the comprehensive therapy program offered by the Blue Dragon team. By sparking the girls’ imagination and creativity, they get to experience something new and positive.… Read the rest

Learning about Friendships

“What is a friend?” 20 Blue Dragon teens wrestled with that question. They discussed what a ‘good friend’ means, and how to be one. It is difficult for them to know where to draw the boundary. They asked questions like “If a friend wants me to join him in a fight, shouldn’t I go?… Read the rest



Ngan has been with Blue Dragon since she was in primary school.

Through our sponsorship program, she received help with her study fees and school gear right through to the end of high school. Being an intelligent and ambitious young woman, Ngan then wanted to enroll in an engineering degree, so a scholarship through Blue Dragon’s Tertiary Students program meant she could keep on studying.… Read the rest