Celebrate your life by changing lives

Having a big party? Or a quiet celebration? Make your day count by creating a brighter future for children.


Inspire your community

Make this year your most meaningful celebration yet. By asking friends and family to donate your birthday gifts, you are inviting them to be a part of what’s truly important to you.

Blue Dragon - birthday fundraiser

Choose your cause

Blue Dragon - rescues girls and women from human trafficking

$1,000 rescues a person from slavery

$500 supports a family to start livestock farm

$100 enrolls a student in vocational training

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Celebrate with a like-minded community

Join an incredible community of people like you who have dedicated their birthdays to helping children in crisis.

Are you ready for a life-changing celebration?

“For my 4th birthday I didn’t want any presents, I just wanted to help people less fortunate than me.”

– Huyen-An, 4-year-old champion.

“On my birthday, I’ve been asking my friends and family to donate to Blue Dragon instead of sending me gifts. My ultimate goal is to leave this earth a better place than when I came to it.”

– Tyler, who has donated his birthday every year since 2017.

“It is very easy to turn your back on problems and to walk away because they are too big or because they seem to be impossible for an individual to combat. If everyone tried to help just a little bit, then a lot more could be achieved. I hope the funds I raise will help end human trafficking in Vietnam.”

– Steve, who donated his 63rd and 67th birthday.

We’re here for you

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