Your donation today will give Trang and Vy safety and certainty.

 A place to call home

Blue Dragon - house of trafficking survivors

Trang and Vy were trafficked and sold.

Deceived by human traffickers, the two young women thought they were on their way to stable jobs. Instead, they were sold as brides across the border in China.

For months, they feared for their lives. Until they were found and rescued, Trang and Vy woke every morning wondering if they would ever see their families in Vietnam again.

Now they are home in northern Ha Giang province and trying to get on with their lives, but both women live in houses that are beyond repair. It is nearing the season of tropical storms and landslides, so they are in constant fear for their lives.

140 million VND (about $6,000 USD) will build two new homes for Trang and Vy. Your donation today will give them safety and certainty for the future.

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