To save a life

The only difference is that now he also knows that his life and wellbeing are important to others. Thien needed to know that someone cared. That single factor may have just saved his life.


Some kids make poor choices, and many find it difficult to escape the path they set out on early in life. The biggest challenge for us at Blue Dragon is to learn what we can do for each of the children so that they can find their own path, make good choices, and have a life that they are happy with.

A purposeful life

There are times and occasions that call for protest, and there are times that call for the simpler, quieter, touch of human care. Looking back, I’m glad that Tu came into our lives so that, even in 9 short months, he could know what it was to be cared for as part of a family.


Blue Dragon helped me to change my point of view about life. Life is still beautiful. Through my story, I want you to tell you that we can do everything if we have belief.

Night of heroes

Tet Awards is just one night, just the briefest moment in time, and yet it brings into focus all the goodness and joy of children who have every reason to be angry at the hand this world has dealt them.