The Rush

It’s a lesson we all need to learn. The rush of life never ceases, and we mustn’t let it overwhelm us. There’s always time to stop and be thankful.

Home to say goodbye

For Diep, there will never be restitution, but I know that in the end she fulfilled the one last wish she had in life: to say goodbye to her daughter.

The cover story

So it’s fine for Huong to tell us a cover story, if she feels more comfortable doing so. The point is that she shouldn’t have to, and she shouldn’t feel a need to. People who are trafficked should never be made to feel guilty for being the victim of this crime.

A long time

The difference is that now they have hope. Even if the answers to their questions are not what they dream of, they have a way forward in life because they can finally address their past.


Thanh had a quiet life. Aged 27, she worked in a Hanoi clothes shop. She had good friends, a decent salary, and every reason to think she would soon be married and starting her own family.