Give the Gift of Growth

Give your loved ones a gift that gives hope for many Christmases to come.
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Lifting children, families, and communities from the cycle of poverty is like giving a present that can be unwrapped forever.

One gesture of generosity can be felt across the world and ripple through generations.

When you sponsor a life-changing gift for a family in need, Blue Dragon will send a celebratory Christmas eCard to your loved ones.

“My family will no longer be poor…I feel secure knowing my family will have a livelihood so that I can send my child to school.”

– A young mother named Vy shares her hope for the future

Joy for the Season and Hope for the Future

Make your donation a gift to someone special with an eCard! Select an option via the donation form below.

Food Comes First

A hot meal is the beginning of healing.

$1 will feed a warm meal to a child so that they can grow healthy and strong.

Blue Dragon - livelihood support

Count Your Chickens

Livestock like chickens, pigs, goats, and cows are a source of food and income that multiplies with time.

$1 can buy 1 chick or duckling that will set a family on the path towards financial independence.

Invest in Education

Education gives young people the tools they need to evolve into self-sufficient adults capable of transforming their own lives.

$1 will start changing the future by sending a student to school for 1 day.

Whatever it Takes

Every dollar makes a difference.

Your gift will go wherever the need is greatest.

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