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This Christmas, share a meal with children and families in need
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Brighten up a child’s Christmas with the gift of a nourishing meal

In Vietnam, the coronavirus pandemic has plunged entire communities into poverty.

In the centre of the country, thousands of families have lost their homes and sources of income to typhoons and massive flooding.

With a donation to provide essential meals, you’ll be laying the foundation for a truly happy Christmas and a healthy new year.

The end of hunger is the beginning of hope.

Quyet grew up with his desperately poor family on this humble floating shack on the river bank.

But for all their hardships, Quyet’s parents always made sure Quyet never went hungry.

Blue Dragon - a boat house on the Red river
A kid is cooking meal at home

The COVID-19 pandemic changed that.

Quyet’s dad lost his job as a security guard and his mother’s income as a porter in the local market isn’t enough to make ends meet.

Sometimes, the seven-year-old must try to sleep with an empty stomach.

A weekly supply of rice and food staples is all that Quyet needs to stay in school and grow, as any child should.

Mother and son having meal together
Meal icon- bowl of noodles

This holiday season, fill bellies and nourish hope


feeds a child for half a month


feeds a family for two weeks


feeds a family for an entire month

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