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Christmas is a time to spread cheer

2021 has been a difficult year for many of us.

In Vietnam, the latest outbreak of COVID-19 has devastated families across the country, as many lost their jobs and struggled to get by.

But now, you can make the end of the year brighter for everyone.

With a donation to provide nourishing meals, you’ll be helping families stay healthy into the new year, bringing happiness to children and their loved ones.

Thanh lives in a humble home with his younger sister and his grandmother. They have never had much, but always found happiness together.

One of the best moments of Thanh’s day is sitting down for dinner with his sister and grandmother. He loves to share about his day over a hot bowl of rice.

poor neighbourhood in Hanoi
family cooking together

When COVID-19 shut down Hanoi, everything changed for Thanh’s family. 

Thanh’s grandma struggled to provide for her family. She couldn’t earn any income to feed her grandchildren.

You can make a difference for children like Thanh and his sister. 

This Christmas, give a gift of a nourishing meal to a family to end the year well and start the new year even better.


food for families in Vietnam
Meal icon- a bowl of rice

This holiday season, fill bellies and hearts


feeds a family for a week


feeds a family for two weeks


feeds a family for a month

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