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Dragon Wings members know that caring for street children and trafficking survivors takes time, love, and commitment.

When you become a member of Dragon Wings, you take children under your wing. With your monthly giving, you nurture and nourish. You give children all they need to heal and grow… until they are ready to fly on their own.

Tan left his home in rural Vietnam to start working when he was 14 years old.

Living in extreme poverty, his whole family thought they were in luck when the owner of a garment factory came to visit one day, offering Tan a chance to start earning money.

But the job was not at all what was promised.

Tan was forced to work from 7am until midnight every single day, sewing clothes and cutting fabric in a hot, dusty room.

He had fallen prey to modern-day slavery.

Tan’s ordeal lasted more than a year. When Blue Dragon found and rescued him and 6 other children, monthly giving allowed for their lives to take a whole new turn.

Will you take children like Tan under your wing?

Monthly giving from people like you paid for Tan’s re-enrolment in school and, when he was old enough, enabled him to fulfil his dream of becoming a baker.

“After being in such a difficult situation, I was so happy and felt so lucky that I could go back to school.”

Tan now works as a pastry sous-chef in a five-star hotel. He even got to bake for Barack Obama when he visited Vietnam!

Will you help children like Tan take flight?

As a Dragon Wings member, you’ll receive monthly updates so that you know the impact of your giving as a united community.

You’ll be making a difference every single month, and you will see how your monthly donations change lives.

How far does your money go?

$15 feeds a homeless child for two weeks

$25 provides physical therapy for 5 kids with disabilities

$50 gives a child emergency accommodation and healthcare

$100 enrolls a trafficking survivor in vocational training

A great joy of being a monthly donor is reading stories of the children that Blue Dragon has rescued from quite dire circumstances and taken into care. Reading them instills a deep sense of pride that our donations are helping change the lives of these children and young women, and give them hope for a better future.
- Dirk Meyer and Thu-Trang Do, monthly donors since 2015 -

Every dollar you give makes a difference

Dragon Wings is a community of over 500 people around the world who share a common belief: that children deserve the best chance in life they can get.

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