Drama group

Drama photo 2When ‘Lam’ was 12, his leg was shackled to a table and he could not move. He had a difficult family situation – he lived with his grandparents and uncle who did not care for him. He was beaten constantly by his uncle, so much so that he dropped out of school and often ran away from home.

When Blue Dragon met Lam, he was wandering around the streets with half a handcuff on his leg. He could not remove it, and it was so tight that it was affecting his circulation. He had managed to escape and did not want to return home. Blue Dragon helped to get the handcuff removed, and assessed Lam’s situation. It was decided that Lam should live in Blue Dragon’s Shelter and be cared for by Blue Dragon’s staff.

Telling his story in different ways during Drama classes is one way that Lam deals with his past. These classes help kids like Lam grow in confidence as it provides a safe environment for the kids to express themselves. Drama classes allow these kids to develop empathy too as they are called upon to act out different scenarios that they may never have experienced before.

The Drama classes are led by Phuong, a former Blue Dragon kid. She used to take part in a drama classes at Blue Dragon and realized how important drama was in developing her self-esteem. She is therefore passionate about using drama with the kids.

The kids wanted to make a short film for this year’s Appeal to share what their life on the streets was like before they were helped by Blue Dragon. They wanted to act out their difficult experience and tell their dream for the future. For them, rescue means they have the chance to live out their dreams, free from abuse.

Rescue means we have the chance to live out our dreams.

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