Early Warning System training continues in Central Vietnam

“Early Warning System” training continues in Central Vietnam

How can you convince a child about the horrors of a sweatshop if you don’t really know it yourself?  This was why the workshops organised by Blue Dragon on “Early Warning System” took longer than expected. 55 teachers from Central Vietnam really wanted to know what working in a sweatshop means. This is all part of the “Early Warning System” training run by Blue Dragon to help stop child labour. The teachers from the 2 schools were very keen to share ideas and thoughts. One even suggested having a peer support/buddy system to get kids who are doing well to sit next to kids who are struggling in class.
Now these teachers can communicate the reality of sweatshops to the kids with conviction: a 17 – 18 hour working day in cramped, unsafe conditions; meagre meals; and one 5 minute break to complete all personal hygiene needs.
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