Emergency COVID Appeal

The outbreak of the delta variant is wreaking havoc on vulnerable communities across Vietnam.

Families are struggling to survive. They need YOUR help.

Donate Now!

Children in rural areas are dropping out of school to find jobs or beg. Many end up sleeping rough on the streets.

With whole families out of work, people are in need of emergency aid.

You can provide immediate assistance to children and families who are hungry and in danger.

I used to sell postcards on the streets, but since the outbreak I lost all my income. No one wants to hire me, I just can’t find any work. I don’t know how my family will get through.

Here’s how your donation will help:

Food packs will be delivered to families, and ready-made meals delivered to homeless people.

Children and families will receive medical supplies, and help to pay their rent until this crisis is over.

Kids will go back to school and youth will return to work or vocational training.


What’s in the box?

food donation vietnam

An emergency food pack costs $15 (£10 or €11). It contains fruit and vegetables, rice, and staples to keep children and families going.

Food will be bought locally, and will include a mix of fresh food and longer-lasting items.

For families who are hard to reach, your donation will provide a cash grant to buy food at the local market.

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