Emergency Appeal

A Call for Help

There is an escalating human trafficking crisis gripping Southeast Asia.

Blue Dragon is rescuing more people from slavery than ever before. The scale is truly unprecedented.

Torture, sexual exploitation and organ removal are a daily occurrence.

You have the power to give people their freedom back. You can save lives.


Donate now

A race against time

Right now, Blue Dragon is in contact with 120 people who are awaiting rescue from brothels and forced labour.

Every call for help is urgent.

Please help my sister, she is in Myanmar and the trafficker plans to take her kidneys.”

I am desperate. All night I hear bombs and gunfire. I don’t want to keep living.”

Send help, please! We are being tortured. They used an electric prod on me and now I cannot walk.”

The time to act is now

People are calling for help from places of slavery in Myanmar, Cambodia, Laos, China and Vietnam.

No single person or organisation can solve this alone.

It will take collective action from many.

You are their hope. Blue Dragon is asking for your help.

Here’s how far your donation will go:

gives a night of emergency shelter.

provides an 'essential needs' pack to a person immediately after being rescued.

launches a rescue operation to bring home a person from slavery

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