Michael Brosowski
May 14, 2017

From Michael’s blog

It’s that time of year again when Blue Dragon is in need of help.

Anyone who follows my blog, or keeps up with the Blue Dragon Facebook page, knows of our work.

We rescue kids in crisis. Since the start of 2017 alone, we’ve already rescued 64 victims of human trafficking from brothels, forced marriages, and sweatshops. That’s in addition to the homeless children we’ve reunited with their parents, the classes and shelters we run, and all the court cases we’ve been in to represent the victims of crimes. Altogether we’re currently working with about 1,500 children and teens all around Vietnam.

We do it out of love: this is what we believe and we’re driven by our commitment to making this world a better place.

But as they say, love doesn’t pay the bills.

And so, every May and June we hold our annual appeal. We ask that people around the world who share our belief that children deserve a childhood contribute what they can, so that we can keep this work happening.

This year we have a goal of $380,000 US. Raising this will mean our shelters and centre still have places for kids; our rescue team has the resources to find trafficked kids and bring them home; and the children in our care can keep going to school.

If you can help, please do: Blue Dragon Rescue Appeal.

And if you’re in need of some inspiration, here’s a TED talk by one of the many heroes I work with at Blue Dragon; Vi Do, who started out shining shoes and now leads a team that finds and cares for kids in crisis.

Celebrate with us!

Celebrate with us!

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