Better days

Michael Brosowski
July 24, 2023

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His dream was simple.

Van just wanted to be free of poverty.

As a teenager growing up in the remote mountains of northern Vietnam, he wished for a way to change his fortunes. His father worked hard but there was never enough money to repair their dilapidated house. There was just no way to ever get ahead.

They were trapped in the grinding cycle of poverty.

Determined to change his fate, Van set out on his own. He believed that if he could reach Hanoi, a few hundred kilometers from his home, he could find a job and earn some decent money. Neither he nor his father would have to live in poverty again.

But it wasn’t to be. When Blue Dragon found Van sleeping in an abandoned construction site, he had been scammed and robbed. He had no money for food or even for a bus ticket to take him home.

I first wrote about Van’s story in March and at that time some kind-hearted people around the world donated so that we could help Van to finally change his life.

And how is he now?

Since we accompanied Van home to his family, he has kept his word to stay in the village until he’s old enough to start a vocational training course.

The donated money first paid to buy some goats, giving the family some work and a chance to create an income. Van looks after the animals and is delighted to report that they now have a newborn kid. Their herd is already growing!

More than that, donations have made essential repairs to Van’s family home. Now they have a concrete floor and are connected to the electricity grid. We’ve installed a water tank, bought some household equipment, and sealed the gaps in the timber walls.

Van's house, view from the front of the house

View from the front of the house.

Van's house, view from the rear.

View from the rear.

Van's house, view from inside

… and the inside.

Along with a few other improvements and a small extension to the back of the house, they are now much more comfortable. (You can compare these pictures to the photos in my original post here).

Their home is by no means luxurious, but now it’s safe and comfortable, with all the essentials they need. Van’s despair has tranformed into hope for the future.

Because, with a little help from friends around the world, he can see that better days have come.

Blue Dragon Children’s Foundation is on a mission to end human trafficking. We assist and protect children like Van to keep them safe, while working towards a better world for all. 

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