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Blue Dragon's founder, Michael Brosowski, shares the lessons he has learned from the children and young people he meets from day to day.
Michael Brosowski - Founder of Blue Dragon

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Emergency wards in hospitals are always terrible places to be. Nobody goes there when things are going well.

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The best time of your life

Being in a Blue Dragon shelter certainly doesn’t mean his problems are over; but it does mean that he now has a real chance of finding some healing and care.

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Exceptional care

Every child needs to have an army of supporters; or to borrow a line from Philps and Lahutsky, every child needs to be the centre of somebody’s universe.

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Looking for impact

The question remains, though: How can we stop this from happening again? How can we help other kids just like Thao and Tin so that they never have to be trafficked in the first place?

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Plans and endings

Life doesn’t always end with a “happily ever after”and it doesn’t always go to a plan. It’s nice when it does; but even when it all goes wrong, there’s still a chance for good to come of it.

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Home time

The return home of Hien and Chau is a wonderful, almost miraculous, outcome. Trapped deep inside China, Hien never thought she could find a way out; and her daughter’s safety was so tenuous. There was a time when all seemed hopeless.

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“Where do you get your happiness from? Is there someone in your family like this? How is it that you’re always so positive?”
Do looked surprised at the question. A little confused.
And then he said: “It comes from here – it’s because of Blue Dragon.”

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Minh and Chau have been through so much more than any child should know. They have endured and overcome such torment. And yet they still have so much love to share.

The human spirit is an amazing thing.

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This weekend I have been visiting my family in rural Australia. It’s been some years since I was last here, and I have forgotten how quietly paced life is in the countryside.

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The way Binh shared with Hien was not only about his life experience, but he also cherished his brother. Especially that Binh, from a trafficked boy to a young man, shows responsibility and care for his family.

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She was a good student at school, and loved her family deeply. Growing up in a small city in northern Vietnam, with parents who cared for her, Thanh never imagined that anything like this could happen to her.

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