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Blue Dragon's founder, Michael Brosowski, shares the lessons he has learned from the children and young people he meets from day to day.
Michael Brosowski - Founder of Blue Dragon

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The little red book

We all know what’s most important in life: good health, an education, a place to live, and people to care for us.But there’s one thing we often take for granted… Something so basic that we rarely stop to consider it. A legal identity. Having an ident…

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My Hero

The truth that I have known for many years is now official.Van Ta, Blue Dragon’s own Chief Lawyer, is a Hero – with a capital “H.” On Friday morning in Washington DC, Secretary of State John Kerry awarded Van the prestigious Trafficking In Persons Hero…

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Hero of the streets

Meet Vi, hero to many of Hanoi’s homeless and neglected kids. In a world where the bad guys always seem to make the news, this is one story that deserves to be told.

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Second home

For the past month I have been on the road, catching up with friends and supporters in both Australia and New Zealand. As usual, it’s been a whirlwind trip with not enough time, but along the way I have found great encouragement and inspiration.I’m in …

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The rescue plan

With Blue Dragon’s rescue appeal well underway, lots of people are asking: How do you actually do it? How does a rescue of a trafficking victim work? So we’ve created this chart to show the steps involved. It’s up on the website, too, if you want …

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It’s possible

This has been a great month at Blue Dragon.We’ve rescued 4 children from sweatshops – 2 girls and 2 boys, all 13 years old.We’ve assisted 2 girls aged 16 who had been trafficked from Vietnam to China, held against their will for 10 days, and were to be…

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Over the weekend, Blue Dragon’s rescue team went in search of children trafficked from the central province of Hue to the garment factories of Ho Chi Minh City. We’re looking for more than 20 kids in total, and so far have found 4. We’ll get them home …

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The end is not nigh, but that’s OK

I received an email this morning, inviting me to end human trafficking by supporting a particular charity.It’s a wonderful thought, that we really can end human trafficking. As the founder of a charity that also fights trafficking, perhaps people expec…

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The hanger

Every week, Blue Dragon’s Street Outreach team meets new kids who are in complicated and dangerous situations on the streets of Hanoi. Many are the target of traffickers, which is a relatively new phenomenon for the city; boys as well as girls face ser…

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Hope and healing

Vietnamese girls are being trafficked to China as a matter of routine.
Traffickers – some hardened criminals, some opportunists who otherwise seem to be regular men and women – are constantly adapting, constantly shifting and blending and moving so that they can get away with their high-profit ‘business.’
And Blue Dragon keeps receiving calls for help.

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The muddy road

 Street kids in Hanoi generally have one thing in common: They are not from Hanoi.Over the past 11 years of meeting street kids, only a handful have been from this city. Almost all are from the countryside, leaving behind rural poverty with the dr…

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First day back

The Tet (Lunar New Year) holiday already seems like ancient history, even though it ended just a couple of weeks ago. But the Year of the Horse is off to a swift start, and I can see that this will be a big year for Blue Dragon.- The exploitation of st…

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