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Blue Dragon's founder, Michael Brosowski, shares the lessons he has learned from the children and young people he meets from day to day.
Michael Brosowski - Founder of Blue Dragon

From Michael’s blog


Saturday morning started with a phone call.An 18 year old Vietnamese girl had crossed the border from China, handed over by Chinese authorities who found her bleeding and screaming for help on the streets. The girl, “Thuy,” was frantic and in great pai…

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Crisis / Resolution

Today Blue Dragon has some good news.In May, we launched an appeal to grow our crisis work with street kids and victims of human trafficking here in Vietnam; and we’re happy to say that we have raised a touch over $190,000.There are still some pledges …

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147 and a mea culpa

A comment came through the blog today on my recent Betrayal post:”Sadly young girls are kidnapped for sexual slavery every single day, even more sad is this rescue is as rare as finding cheese on the moon.” The first time Blue Dragon arranged the res…

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