Volunteering your time and creativity is a great way to support Blue Dragon’s work with kids in crisis in Vietnam. Our team will support you by providing material (PowerPoints, photos, logos and fact sheets). We are always happy to discuss any ideas, assist with planning and help you promote the event.

We encourage you to contact us before you organise an event and also to check the laws of your state or country with regard to raising funds. Email Chi at fundraise@bdcf.org.

Fundraise online

Setting up an AFAP Fundraising Page online is a great tool to maximise your fundraising online. It’s tax-deductible for Australian residents, but you can set up a page from anywhere in the world! Here’s an example from our friends Fulton and David, who rode motorbikes through the Himalayas to raise funds for Blue Dragon.

You can also make a difference by donating to Blue Dragon now!

Healthy fundraising in Australia

Looking for an easy way to fundraise for Blue Dragon in Australia? Healthy Fundraising is a healthy alternative to the usual office or school snack boxes. It’s a great way to get family, friends, classmates and colleagues involved in fundraising for ‘Blue’ and encourage them to snack healthy.

For more information please visit the Healthy Fundraising website or contact fundraise@bdcf.org.