Blue Dragon welcomes gifts in-kind that we immediately distribute to families in need, or use in our shelters and drop-in centres.

We also have special needs for furniture (beanbags and bookshelves for our Hue office), girls’ bicycles and items for our shelter and Drop-in Centre:

  1. Bedside lamps
  2. Plants
  3. Indoor pots for plants
  4. Photo frames
  5. Good speakers
  6. Small portable speakers for outdoor activities

We request that gifts in-kind are brought to us rather than shipped in (customs fees are costly for us and negate the generosity of our donors!). Visitors who are travelling in Vietnam, or who live in Hanoi or Hue, can bring items such as:

  1. Personal care (like shampoo, toothbrushes or washcloths but no medicines)
  2. Scissors, glue sticks, pens, paper and craft items for art activities
  3. Stationery and notebooks for our learning centre
  4. Jigsaw puzzles and Lego sets
  5. Soft toys such as teddy bears and dolls
  6. Soccer balls, shin pads and shoes for Blue Dragon United Football Club

We also greatly appreciate items from abroad that are hard to find in Hanoi – especially educational games (balls and rods, board games, puzzles and Lincoln Logs, colouring and dot to dot books).

Street kids and children from very poor families also need clothing. Please note that we accept new or gently-loved clothes suitable for children and teenagers (Vietnamese-sized), and new socks and underwear. It is great for Blue Dragon kids to have clothes that give them more confidence in themselves, so we appreciate clothes that are not ripped or stained.  If you need help to buy items in Hanoi, we are more than happy to arrange for someone to help you shop.

Please email us at and we will send you our current wish list.

Thank you so much for assisting us – it’s really a great help!

Latest Contributions

Thank you Lycee Singapore for your donations of toiletries, clothes and toys for Blue Dragon kids!

A big thank you to Lan for donating us 300kg of rice!

Hanoi Hotel generously gives our kids bread every day. Thank you very much!

We received 2 boxes of books and 1 bag of toys from Adam. Thanks Adam!

Huge thanks to Linda & Brian for your generous donation of 1 suitcase of baby clothes! They are lovely!

Thank you, Lubi for your donation of a notebook, crayons, markers and pens!

Thank you King family who visited us and brought a bag of sweets as a gift for the kids!

Paul generously donated us 4 boxes of Lego. Big thanks to Paul!

David donated us 2 bags of clothes. Thank you, David!

Lek Lee Hiah generously donated to us stationery like water color, brushes and notebooks. Thank you, Lek Lee!

Big thanks to Geena for bringing lovely Teddy bears and football clothes to our kids!

Sincere thanks to UWC students who visited Blue Dragon and donated us tennis balls, water bottles and other stationery!

A pack of stationery was donated by Debbie to Blue Dragon kids. Thank you, Debbie!

Thank you, Nicki, for your donation of stationery, hair clips and hair buns for our kids!

We received a box of cookies and sets of postcards and bookmarks from Koyu. Thank you for the donations, Koyu!

Thank you, Joey and Oreilly, for donating 1 bag of clothes for our kids!

Hanoi Community and Bia Tay Ta pub donated us bags of clothing and toys. Thank you so much for your generosity!

A bag of clothes for girls was kindly donated by Deepashree. Thank you, Deepashree!

A huge thank to Rene for your gift of toys and sweets for Blue Dragon kids!

Thank you to Netherlands Embassy for great apples. They made the kids jump for joy!

Huge thanks to British International School students who fundraised for us and donated 10 large boxes of towels, stationery, school bags, textbooks and toilettries for our new shelter!

4 sets of lego was donated by Gus. Thank you so much, Gus!

A great thanks to Lyn for donating stationery and toys for our kids!

Huge thanks to Diane for your donation of craft materials!

Thank you, Fari for donating 9 pairs of shoes for our kids!

Clothes, mattress and cot were generously given by Deborah. A huge thank to you, Deborah!

Melissa donated crayons to our kids. Thank you so much, Melissa!

Thank you Hailey for your generous donations of stationery, clothing and table tennis!

Thank you Amy for bringing toys and Christmas decorations for Blue Dragon kids!

Thank you Hannah for your donations of kitchen tools and clothing!

The survivors of trafficking to China received a wonderful gift from Floral Punk - 50 pairs of shoes! The fashion company has been a great supporter of the anti-trafficking program, giving not only these brand new shoes from their latest collection, but also making cash donations. A huge thank to Floral Punk!

Thanks to Ms Zoe for your donation of clothes, shoes and toys! We really appreciate your support!

Thanks to the moon cakes donated by Nguyen Mai Huong, the kids had a more complete Mid-autumn Festival!

A special thanks to Maz Kwok for the lovely crochet clothes and toys!

Jean pants, moon cake and candy were donated by Sky Trab before the Mid-autumn Festival. Thank you Sky Trab!

A huge thank to University of Washington EMBA students for your generous donation of toiletries, stationery and toys!

Thanks to Jan Scheffers for the two chickens!

A big thank to Osacar Nicholls for your donation of color books and clothes for the kids!