Sponsor Blue Dragon United Football Club

Give disadvantaged kids a chance to play the world's most popular sport

Blue Dragon United Football Club is an open team for all kids from the Red River community to take part in and play Sunday football games. For many players, it is the only time of the week they have the opportunity to get together and have fun with their friends.

It’s also an opportunity for them to learn good behaviour. If you don’t follow the rules and look after each other, you can’t play… and everybody wants to play! They compete regularly in competitions and play in a Sunday league too.

$21 a month helps cover the cost of pitch rental, coaching staff, transport costs and a little extra for water and snacks.

What you will receive:

  • Quarterly updates.
  • Information about tournaments the kids take part in.
  • Photos of the players.
  • Personal stories of how football impacts the lives of the players.

Other sponsorship options

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Change Lives Through Education

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