Hai’s story

Hai was living with his mother and stepfather who was a shoe seller on the streets. His step-father is a violent man and would beat Hai and his mother regularly. They lived in a tiny rented room in the slum area, so there was nowhere for Hai to escape the beatings. The situation was so unbearable that he asked his mother to run away with him.

She refused, and Hai took matters into his own hands. He decided to run away as he was afraid that he could be beaten to death one day by his step-father.

Fortunately for him, he only lived on the streets for a few days. He was wandering around the lake, hungry and very afraid, when Blue Dragon’s outreach worker found him and brought him to Dragon House.

When Blue Dragon found out about his family background, the decision was made that it was not safe to send him back to an abusive situation. Hai has since been cared for in Blue Dragon’s Shelter. Blue Dragon has helped Hai to obtain his birth certificate and placed him in a better school.

He keeps in touch with his mother and returns to see her often.

Hai is a disciplined and hardworking boy, always ready to help other children. His goal is to study well and gain admission to a university. He has ambitions of becoming a social worker so that he can help other disadvantaged children. Blue Dragon will support him all the way.

 If I didn’t meet Blue Dragon, I would be shining shoes on the streets.

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