3 Traffickers Sentenced

January 7, 2017
Blue Dragon’s legal team was experienced enough to deal with the lies told by 3 traffickers in court yesterday. The 3 men who tried to sell 2 girls to brothels in China were successfully convicted.
The men had gone to the homes of the 2 girls to talk about good jobs in China. However, the girls refused to accept the offer. Then the men talked about garment factory jobs in Hanoi. They even gave the girls’ parents $50 as advance wage payment to gain their trust. With the girls in their hands, the traffickers made their way instead to China but were caught.
The men denied their intent of selling the girls, but they were no match for Blue Dragon’s legal team who put a strong case to the judge. One was sentenced to 8 years, and the other 2 to 7 years each.
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