A mother returned home with her baby

September 6, 2019

“Hien” grew up in a mountainous region in northern Vietnam. It’s a 7 hour motorbike ride from the nearest city to reach her house: a bamboo hut on stilts. 

The hut is basic. This is where Hien, her husband and their 2 children live. 

Life is unbelievably hard. Being so far away from the nearest town there are no jobs or social services. The family scrapes by growing cassava.

When Hien fell pregnant with her third child, she knew she could never afford another mouth to feed. So when a woman approached Hien and offered her money to ‘adopt’ her baby, she felt she had no other choice. 

A few months later, she followed the woman to China with a group of pregnant women, expecting her baby would be in a good family while she could earn some money to take care of her children at home. 

It was then that Hien started to regret her decision, and changed her mind. Having experienced the bond between a mother and a child she knew that she couldn’t give up her baby, no matter the cost.

But she was locked in a house and trapped with other pregnant women. 

Thanks to police intervention, the surrogacy operation was busted, and Hien was taken to the nearest police station and then back to Vietnam. Within days of returning she gave birth to a baby boy. 

Hien couldn’t be happier to be back with her, now,  family of 5. Blue Dragon is supporting the family to register the birth and providing crucial nutrition. With her trafficker in custody, Hien will soon face him in court where he will receive his sentence. Then Hien can put the past behind her and work towards building her and her family a brighter future. 

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