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Keep up-to-date with the latest Blue Dragon news.

Latest News

Keep up-to-date with the latest Blue Dragon news.

Teen girl rescued from slavery

Earlier this year, 18 year old 'Du' traveled from her home in rural Vietnam to China, where a distant cousin said she could easily find a good job. But instead of being offered a job, Du realised she had been tricked; her relative had planned to sell her to a man who...

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Trafficking survivor set free after 637 days enslaved

'Thuong' counted every day she was locked inside her captor's house in China, beaten and abused by a man who claimed to be her husband. She survived 637 terrible days before being rescued by police who then contacted Blue Dragon to bring her home to Vietnam. Thuong...

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Teenager is safely home with their family

Join the Blue Dragon Red Stocking Christmas campaign to bring more joy to children like 'Duong'.  ​ Duong looks much younger than his actual age of 15. His ​​tattered appearance shocked people, and he spent his days selling gum or shining shoe on the streets of Hanoi....

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Journey to recovery started with a hot meal

'An' doesn't know who his parents are, or where he comes from. He grew up in a group of street boys, shining shoes to earn a living on Hanoi's streets. As a baby he had been adopted but instead of receiving love and care, he had to sell chewing gum and beg on the...

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Severe flood in central Vietnam

Heavy rainfall has caused severe flooding in central Vietnam this week. In some villages, families are trapped in waist-deep water. Over 100 people have died. Blue Dragon children and their family in areas hit by the typhoon are all safe. Our social workers have been...

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Teenager get back home safely

16 year old San is safely home today. Back in February, he left his family in the northern mountains of Vietnam to escape grinding poverty and look for work in Hanoi. When Blue Dragon Children's Foundation met San two weeks ago, he was hungry, living under a bridge,...

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Two trafficking victims escape from forced marriage

Loan and Giang met on the road to China, following a woman who had offered them both good jobs. The girls made friends quickly as they discovered they had much in common. They both were aged 23 and from H'mong communities in mountainous regions of Vietnam. Both were...

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Trafficking victim returning home after being sold twice

When a friend ​introduced ​13 year old ​'Han' a high-paid job in a restaurant, she ​couldn't be more excited and accepted it straight away. Han has never been to school so cannot read or write. Growing up on tiny coffee and cashew farm in rural Vietnam, she could only...

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Dragon Tales February 2019

In this issue: read about “Toan”, a boy who was living on the streets, and now dreams of becoming a doctor; share your thoughts with us in a quick survey; and see how Blue Dragon is working with authorities to ensure the rights of victims of human trafficking and child abuse!

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