Latest News

Keep up-to-date with the latest Blue Dragon news.

Latest News

Keep up-to-date with the latest Blue Dragon news.

Blue Dragon Rescues 6 teens from sweatshops

6 kids are freed from sweatshops! Blue Dragon's Rescue Team found all 6 kids yesterday following the information gathered from the Early Warning System training for teachers in Hue, Central Vietnam ( The children are only 13 and 14 years old....

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Overcoming Great Odds to Become Literate

'Linh' is 14 years old, but due to her circumstances, she wasn't able to go to school. She didn't know how to read or write. With Blue Dragon's support, in 2 years, she managed to learn how to do so, and is now in Grade 3! She didn't let the fact that she is a...

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3 Traffickers Sentenced

Blue Dragon's legal team was experienced enough to deal with the lies told by 3 traffickers in court yesterday. The 3 men who tried to sell 2 girls to brothels in China were successfully convicted. The men had gone to the homes of the 2 girls to talk about good jobs...

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22 teens graduated from Career Preparation Program

What does being 'job ready' mean? 2 years ago, Blue Dragon found that many teens who were placed in jobs did not stay for long. After evaluating the situation, Blue Dragon came up with the Career Preparation Program. All teens over the age of 15 are encouraged to take...

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Early Warning System Working in Central Vietnam

How do you persuade parents who think that their kids have gone for 'training', and not sold into sweatshops?  Blue Dragon staff tried using videos. Thanks to the Early Warning System training run by Blue Dragon for teachers in 2 schools in central Vietnam, the team...

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A great new year for 3 trafficking victims

'Thao', 'Mai' and 'Le' will always remember the last hours of 2016. They were rescued by the Blue Dragon team, and just crossed the border between China and Vietnam. All were trafficked for forced marriages. Le was just 15 at the time. She had followed her friends who...

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Rice distributed to families in Central Vietnam

It has been very hard for families who are already struggling to be hit with flooding in central Vietnam. Blue Dragon has just distributed 100kg of rice to the families of kids supported by Blue Dragon. It will help feed the kids and stop them from going hungry....

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New Shelter to be built

It will be the first shelter for trafficking survivors to be built in Central Vietnam. The British Ambassador and Founder of Blue Dragon were present at the ground breaking ceremony recently together with Vietnamese government officials. Funded by the British...

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