Sentencing of Man Who Tried to Sell 2 Sisters​

June 15, 2016

It’s unusual to hold court with a tarpaulin roof, and dogs barking at the fence. However, this was the situation of the circuit court facilitated by Blue Dragon in a remote community recently. Blue Dragon also represented the survivors at the trial. The accused had befriended a young girl and courted her. He told her that he wanted to introduce her to his family, and asked her to bring her sister along. Actually, he intended to sell them both to a Chinese man waiting at the border for US$5000. He was sentenced to 5 years in prison and ordered to pay $700 to the sisters. The jury took into consideration that he is from an ethnic minority group, illiterate, and a first time offender. Many people attended the hearing and now understand what trafficking means. Hopefully it will also serve as a deterrent for would-be traffickers.

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