Tết is the Vietnamese New Year, a very special time for families in Vietnam. At Blue Dragon, we make sure that all the kids can celebrate the biggest holiday of the year. There’s special food and gifts and, most importantly, the chance to gather all together.

Happy New Year – Chúc Mừng Năm Mới – ​from Blue Dragon Children’s Foundation

Hanoi – Celebrating 10 years of the Tet Awards

The Tet Awards started 10 years ago when Blue Dragon’s Founder, Michael Brosowski, wanted to celebrate the achievements of all the kids who were trying so hard to make a better life for themselves. He asked individuals and organisations in the community in Hanoi to sponsor ‘special awards’ for doing well at school or sport, showing leadership and having great community spirit, among others. The kids were so proud to come up to a real stage and receive their awards!

From that small gathering, the Tet Awards has grown to a celebration for nearly 500 kids from our programs and our ‘alumni’ who come back to join our Blue Dragon family celebration every year. This year, the kids were entertained with hip hop from the Blue Dragon crew, plays and special awards for those who had really tried their best this past year.

We’re very excited to see what the the next 10 years will bring for Blue Dragon and these amazing kids!

Nearly 100 hundred children attended the Blue Dragon Tet Celebrations in Hue, central Vietnam. The celebrations lasted the whole day and included a visit to a museum, gifts, special dinner, entertainment and a lots and lots of fun. There was also an element of education to the festivities, with a fun workshop and play about the danger of child labour trafficking. Everyone had a great time and will hopefully be safer as a result.

Blue Dragon also hosted Tet celebrations for poor rural children​,​ who are sponsored to stay in school by Blue Dragon supporters. The celebrations ​comprised of two separate ‘parties’, which included talent contests, Bollywood dancing by Blue Dragon tertiary students, nutritious snacks, and gifts of lucky money and festive treats.

Tet was a very special occasion for the children in Dien Bien province, near the Laos border. This was the first time the school had been visited by Blue Dragon for Tet, so the teachers asked the children to dress in their best cloths for their guests. The gifts in Dien Bien were of a more practical nature (it gets very cold in this mountainous province) and included 100 nice warm coats, 55 warm blankets and 150 food hampers (instant noodles, cooking oils, candies etc). The children really enjoyed their first Blue Dragon Tet Celebrations and can’t wait for next year’s. A big thank you to the ​Morris Family Foundation for making this possible.

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