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Blue Dragon serves over 20,000 children and families throughout Vietnam. Every child is working on their own success story.

Serving with exceptional care

Blue Dragon rescues children from crisis and nurtures them until they are ready to stand on their own. Their stories may begin with sadness, but the lives of Blue Dragon girls and boys are inspirational.

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Meet the kids - Thuy's Story. Thuy riding a bike to school.

Vy's Story

How a commitment to education has changed one girl’s life.

Meet the kids - Hai's Story - Aerial view of Hai's vilage in the mountains.

Hai's Story

From a slave in a sweatshop to the happiest boy in school.

Meet the kids - Ban's Story - Ban crossing a busy Vietnamese road with his shoeshine equipment

Ban's Story

A shoeshine boy at age 14, Ban dreamt of a brighter future…

Meet the kids - Cuong's Story - Cuong crawling into his shelter under Long Biên Bridge in Hanoi

Cuong's Story

Abused and alone, Cuong’s cry for help was heard by Blue Dragon.

Meet the kids - Thao's Story - Thao, a trafficked victim, finds support at Blue Dragon

Thao's Story

With her harrowing ordeal behind her, Thao is building a future free from fear.

Thank you and other people at Blue for helping me, especially you. I feel grateful to you for caring and fully supporting me for the past time. I am really grateful to you. I’m very sad since I can’t have a day off from work to visit you for the last time as a student, but I hope one day I will meet you again. I love you so much!

- Huong, a student supported by Blue Dragon -

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Celebrate with us!

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