Upside down, rightside up

Anh’s life was turned upside down when his mother was trafficked to China and his father moved the family to Ho Chi Minh City, where they lived in extreme poverty. We met Anh as a teenager and helped him return to school; today, he lives independently of Blue Dragon. He came to us one day with exciting news: he and his wife were expecting a baby.

“My life has changed forever”

With the arrival of his first child, Anh wanted to secure a stable income…but without a birth certificate, many legitimate employment opportunities were closed to him. Our legal team couldn’t refuse a former Blue Dragon kid, and traveled to Anh’s village to register his birth – 24 years late. Anh is now a legal citizen, and his son was also registered on his birthday in July 2013. Anh told us, with joy in his eyes, “My life has changed forever.”

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*names and photos have been changed