In Vietnam, children with disabilities are among the most marginalised of all children. Only 52% of children with disabilities can attend school due to physical access issues, discrimination and a lack of skilled specialist teachers, with just 19% completing their secondary education.

The children and families we reach out to struggle financially. There are virtually no free or subsidised therapy centres, life skill programs, recreational activities or parent support programs. Children suffer unnecessary pain because they cannot afford the equipment or treatment they need.

Blue Dragon’s approach is to integrate children with disabilities into our activities for all children and improve their access to the specialised education and therapy they need.

        • We provide social work care, physical and creative activities, legal support, nutrition and basic care
        • We support medical services, including surgery when needed, and regular physical therapy
        • We work closely with families to provide individual support, create parent networks and deliver training
        • We support children to attend school, and assist to integrate children with disabilities into mainstream education
        • Staff accompany children, parents and carers of children with disabilities on a holiday break every year

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Our aim in working with children with disabilities is the same as our aim for all children in Blue Dragon: to ensure each child can achieve their fullest potential. Children like Hien* who was born with a serious vision impairment which made it hard to go to school. In 2010, Blue Dragon was able to assist her to enrol in a mainstream high school. She now studies English at university as part of our Tertiary Students Program.