Most families in rural Vietnam rely on farming to earn a living. They work hard from dusk to dawn, often on small plots of land that generate an income of only $40 per month – hardly enough to put food on the table. Sadly, this means many families cannot afford to send their children to school. Instead, children must work on the family farm or find a menial job to increase the family’s income.

Children from poor rural families who drop out of school become trapped in a cycle of poverty. They are at high risk of moving to the city and living on the streets in desperate conditions. Blue Dragon’s concern is that these children become easy targets for traffickers for child labour or the sex trade.

Blue Dragon supports over 800 children in rural Vietnam at high risk of quitting school due to poverty.

        • We provide school fees, text books, stationery and uniforms
        • We work with families to encourage children to stay in school
        • We support special needs: medical care, house repairs or a bike for children who live far from school
        • We work with schools to improve learning environments and improve infrastructure

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40% of children in rural areas live in poor households. Children like Trang*, a Grade 6 student who loves studying literature. Trang’s father has a disability so he can’t work. The family of six relies on a tiny income from her mother’s farming. Without a sponsor, Trang would surely drop out of school. Make sure children like Trang get the education they deserve by sponsoring a child today.