Who are street kids?

“Street kids” are children who live or work on the streets, surviving on their own in dangerous situations. Some street kids have left home by choice to escape violent or neglectful families; some have been kicked out, while others have left with their family’s blessing. These kids can sometimes get menial jobs on the streets, earning barely enough to survive. In worst cases, they will resort to begging, sex work, stealing or drug running.

Gangs, child abusers and human traffickers regularly prey upon kids in crisis. To avoid detection, street kids might be found sleeping in trees or under bridges many metres off the ground. Others may live in cramped guest houses they share with other kids. Scrounging for food, and often hungry, they are prone to many illnesses from their poor living conditions. It’s very difficult to see a doctor or go to hospital when you are living on the streets.

What do we do for street kids?

Blue Dragon reaches out to street kids by meeting them where they are living and working: on the street. Social workers identify how best to get kids to a place of safety and give them a step ahead in life.

The Blue Dragon Drop-in Centre provides a safe space for kids to play, relax and study. Social workers, teachers, lawyers and psychologists are on hand around the clock with everything from emergency accommodation to legal advocacy. Blue Dragon reaches out to kids through activities: art and craft,  swimming, roller skating, Blue Dragon United Football Club, workshops, monthly gatherings and outings.

You can make a difference by donating to the 2017 Rescue Appeal now!

Kids in Danger by Michael Brosowski, Founder

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