Doesn’t every child have the right to a safe life and decent future?

Letter from Blue Dragon’s Founder, 3 November 2014

Blue Dragon Children’s Foundation works in Vietnam with kids in crisis: street children, homeless families, and girls and boys who have been trafficked for sex or slave labour.

These are issues that affect us all. As long as children in our world cannot be assured of a safe life and a decent future, then none of us can rest easy.

Blue Dragon started in 2003 as a simple idea: to offer education and care to Hanoi’s street kids. Since then, we have grown into an agent for change throughout Vietnam, tackling the trafficking industry wherever we find it at work, and fighting for the rights of street children.

Working on the frontline with kids in need, we have assisted over 3,000 children to achieve their dream of getting an education. We have met more than 200 homeless children who had run away from home and reunited them with their families. We have helped almost 4,000 people of all ages to have their basic human right to a legal identity recognized. And we have searched for, found, and rescued over 350 girls, boys, and young women who have been trafficked and sold.

Blue Dragon receives regular calls for help from family and community members whose sons and daughters have gone missing. These may be children from ethnic minority villages in rural Vietnam, where poverty is rife and very few people are literate; traffickers target them for work in sweatshops far from home, in slave labour conditions. Or they may be girls and young women from anywhere around the country, who have been betrayed by traffickers who won their trust and then sold them into forced marriages or brothels in China. When we receive calls for help, Blue Dragon conducts an investigation and then goes to find the missing children. Whether they are in brothels or factories, we help them to escape and then report to the police so that the traffickers can be caught.

Blue Dragon will continue to answer these desperate calls for help, and with your support, we can ensure that all of these children are free to be children and have the opportunity to reach their potential.


Michael Brosowski
Blue Dragon Children’s Foundation

Check out our infographic to find out how Blue Dragon rescues kids?

  • We have rescued 646 victims of human trafficking.
  • 295 children from child labour: the youngest was 11 years old.
  • 97 were rescued from gold mining and labor trafficking in Vietnam and China.
  • 254 young women from forced marriage or brothels: the youngest girl was 10 years old.
  • Return home for an additional 328 people after they were rescued by police.
  • Impact on at least 168,000 community members via prosecutions, education and workshops.

Every dollar donated to Blue Dragon’s anti-trafficking work is used to find, rescue, and care for Vietnamese children and young women who have been taken by traffickers and held against their will. You can make a powerful difference to the victims of human trafficking by donating to the 2017 Rescue Appeal now!