Imagine living four years in a dark room. The only light is from lamps overhead and a tiny window which your captors keep covered so the neighbors can’t see what is happening inside. Around you are sewing machines, piles of fabric and other children like you. Here you eat, sleep and work.

Many of the children have scars from the machines, hunched backs and failing eyesight. You hardly spend any time in the sun; any time breathing fresh air.

When you should be going to school, you cut and sew fabric up to 18 hours a day. When you should be growing strong, you are routinely beaten by your captors and given nothing but plain rice or noodles to eat. You miss your family very much and have no way of contacting them.

This is life for a trafficked child in a garment factory in Ho Chi Minh City.

Blue Dragon Children’s Foundation works alongside government officials and police to find children who have been trafficked and rescue them from these terrible conditions. We search for the children – the location is almost never known – and take them out against the will of the factory owner but with the consent of the family. We take the children home as soon as possible and reunite them with their families. We do our best to make sure the traffickers and factory owners are prosecuted.

Then the long-term work begins. Blue Dragon’s team of lawyers, social workers and psychologists give kids the support they need to return to school and training in their villages. We work to alleviate poverty in communities by building roads, homes and centres, and supporting income-generating in vulnerable areas.

On average, a rescue operation costs $500 per child. You can sponsor the rescue of children from child labour by donating to the 2017 Rescue Appeal now!

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How does Blue Dragon rescue kids?

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