In June 2014, the US Secretary of State, Secretary John Kerry, honoured Blue Dragon’s own Chief Lawyer, Mr Van Ta, as a 2014 Trafficking in Persons Report Hero. This recognition from the United States government is touching: we are deeply moved to know that our work is so valued around the world.

You’ve heard already of Blue Dragon’s success in fighting the trafficking of Vietnamese children. Since we began, we’ve rescued 466 girls and boys directly from brothels and sweatshops, and helped each one to go home and begin life over. We have also assisted 142 victims to return home after escaping from their traffickers or rescues by the police.

After nine years of rescuing trafficked children from around Vietnam and deep into China, this is Van’s first ever award… and here at Blue Dragon, we’re excited and proud!

Blue Dragon not only rescues children and young women from trafficking. We also work with the police to break up the trafficking rings; we stand beside trafficking survivors in court when their traffickers are prosecuted; and we provide the therapy and material support that they need to rebuild lives.

And Van’s award comes at a crucial time.

Right now, we are investigating calls for help from young people who have been trafficked both into Chinese brothels and Vietnamese garment factories. To achieve this, we need your support so that this rescue work can continue.

If you’d like to send Van a message of congratulations, or find out more about Blue Dragon’s anti-trafficking work, please email us at

We congratulate our amazing Child Rights Advocate, Mr Van, but the important work of rescuing trafficked kids cannot stop!

Want to read more? This article from Blue Dragon’s Founder, Michael Brosowski, gives more insight into Van’s work.