Blue Dragon - Sex workers in Shenzhen, China

News Roundup: June-July 2015

An occasional roundup of news stories about the issues impacting kids in Vietnam and around the world.

Local news

– UNICEF discusses the ongoing need to help children in Vietnam, beyond the Millenium Development Goals.

– Children are being recruited for “Vocational Training” only to be used as slave labour.

– Many families in Vietnam believe that sending children to work is more useful than sending them to school. 

Across the region

– Vietnam, Laos and Cambodia announce a crack-down on human trafficking.

– Cambodia continues to take a strong stand against child sex tourism.

– The disparity between male and female births in China is driving the trafficking of women from other countries


– The UK continues to be a major destination for children trafficked by crime gangs.

– A bleak view of the impact the Trans-Pacific Partnership will have on slavery.

– Nepal worries about a potential rise in human trafficking following the recent earthquakes.