Nga’s story

We noticed Nga’s arms as soon as we met her on the streets in 2009 when she was just 8 years old.

She cut herself, a lot.

She was wary of Blue Dragon’s social workers. She was not used to having someone care for her. She did not know why the social workers wanted to help her. She had been cutting herself for years, and she did not understand why someone would care enough for her to make her stop it.

Nga was abandoned by her parents when she was a baby. She grew up with some relatives in a tiny rented room. As a child, her dream was to have a family with a mother and father, just like the other kids she saw as she roamed the streets. She felt hopeless as she thought that there was no one to love or care for her. Nga started to skip school, run away from home, and was abused by adults she met on the streets. Nobody understood her loneliness. Not even her relatives who would beat her for any ‘mistakes’ she made.

She kept running away, and cutting herself.

It has taken many years for Blue Dragon’s social workers to gain her trust. We never gave up on Nga and tried to support her as much as we can. With counseling, she has come round. She now considers Blue Dragon as her family. She has stopped cutting herself and takes part in activities in Dragon House. Nga is now more open and positive.

Blue Dragon helped her to become an apprentice sales person in a jewelry store in one of the biggest malls in Hanoi.

Nga may be 15, but she has gone through lots of trauma. With Blue Dragon’s help, she has managed to turn her life around.

I will continue to walk the current path and believe that tomorrow can be the most beautiful day.

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