Our Work

Blue Dragon has impacted the lives of over 50,000 children and families.

What we do

Blue Dragon kids are street kids, children with disabilities, children from rural families living in extreme poverty, and victims of human trafficking and slavery.

We rescue kids from danger, reunite them with their families when possible, and provide all the services needed for recovery and growth.

We never give up on any child, even the most complex cases.

Our Impact

We have impacted the lives of over 50,000 children and families.

We have rescued 571 young women from forced marriage or brothels.

In Hanoi, we have transformed the lives of over 2,000 street kids and children in crisis.

We have directly rescued 405 children from their places of slavery.

In Vietnam Blue Dragon has:

Rescued 976 people from trafficking

Represented 114 people in court case

Obtained legal papers for 13,507 people

Reunited 594 runaways with their families

Served 598,465 meals

Built 110 homes for families

Placed 331 teens in jobs

Provided shelter to 1,023 girls & boys

Played 2,997 games of soccer!

Sent 5,138 kids back to school & training

Our Programs

Step Ahead

Offering emergency care and long term social work support to Hanoi’s children in crisis.

Stay in School

Keeping rural children in school, so they can achieve their dreams in the long term.

Project X

Providing therapeutic care for survivors of sex trafficking.

Safe & Sound

Making rural communities safe from human trafficking.

Legal Advocacy

Blue Dragon offers a unique Legal Advocacy service for young people in crisis.

“I have gone through lots of upheavals in my life. You are the one who helped me overcome all of these. You are like my second mother. Thank you for caring for me and helping me over the past few years.”
- Ngoc, 19, a trafficking survivor -

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