Legal Advocacy

Giving every child access to justice.

Healing begins with justice

What we do

Blue Dragon’s legal advocates:

  • Rescue victims of trafficking and slavery
  • Represent victims of crimes and young people in conflict with the law
  • Assist undocumented citizens to receive legal recognition
  • Offer legal support and services to disadvantaged children
Blue Dragon represents survivors in court when their traffickers are brought to trial

Success so far

people represented in court

people rescued from human trafficking

government & police officials trained in anti-trafficking and child protection

national laws created or reformed, impacting every citizen

The cases we take on are complex and sometimes dangerous. 

Our service helps people in immediate, urgent need, while contributing to national discussion around policy and law development for the benefit of all. 

Blue Dragon helps register children
Blue Dragon helps find and rescue trafficked girls
Our services are free to any person clearly demonstrating a need, and who could not receive assistance elsewhere. 

Cuong's story

Until Cuong met a Blue Dragon lawyer, he never dared to hope for justice.

Our Work

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Street Kids

Through street outreach, Blue Dragon finds homeless children and offers shelter, family reunion, education, and health care.


Blue Dragon ensures disadvantaged and street children stay in school and receive an education.

Human Trafficking

Blue Dragon is leading the fight against slavery and trafficking in Vietnam.

Legal Advocacy

Blue Dragon offers a unique Legal Advocacy service for young people in crisis.

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