Legal Advocacy

Giving every child access to justice.

Healing begins with justice.

Our Impact

people represented in court

people rescued from human trafficking

government & police officials trained in anti-trafficking and child protection

What we do

Blue Dragon’s team of Legal Advocates are on call around the clock to assist:

  • victims of human trafficking
  • young people in conflict with the law
  • undocumented children and families living without legal paperwork such as birth certificates
  • victims of crime and injustice

Our services are free to any person clearly demonstrating a need, and who could not receive assistance elsewhere. 

The cases we take on are normally complex and sometimes dangerous. 

Our service helps people in immediate, urgent need, while contributing to national discussion around policy and law development for the betterment of all. 

Cuong's story

Until Cuong met a Blue Dragon lawyer, he never knew that he could see justice done.

Other Programs

Our Work - Step Ahead Program - Boy sleeping on a bench in Hanoi

Step Ahead

Offering emergency care and long term social work support to Hanoi’s children in crisis.

Our Work - Stay in School Program - Rural school students

Stay in School

Keeping rural children in school, so they can achieve their dreams in the long term.

Our Work - Project X Program - Girl trafficked into the sex trade is reunited with her family

Project X

Providing therapeutic care for survivors of sex trafficking.

Our Work - Safe and Sound Program - Two boys trafficked and sold into slave labour

Safe & Sound

Making rural communities safe from human trafficking.

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