Project X

Psychosocial support for survivors of sex trafficking.

Being rescued from slavery is just the beginning.

Our Impact

young women directly rescued from brothels and forced marriage

young women assisted to return home after being rescued by police

family, school, government and community members reached

What we do

Emergency shelter and care for girls and women who have just escaped sex trafficking.

Ongoing assistance to return to school, university or training.

Medical checks and ongoing care and nutrition to get survivors back to good health.

Psychological counselling to recover from trauma, both short term and long term.

Medium to long-term accommodation for trafficking survivors who cannot return to their communities.

Assistance to return home and reunite with families.

Thao's story

Trafficked and sold into slavery, Thao was determined to get her life back.

Other Programs

Our Work - Step Ahead Program - Boy sleeping on a bench in Hanoi

Step Ahead

Offering emergency care and long term social work support to Hanoi’s children in crisis.

Our Work - Stay in School Program - Rural school students

Stay in School

Keeping rural children in school, so they can achieve their dreams in the long term.

Our Work - Safe and Sound Program - Two boys trafficked and sold into slave labour

Safe & Sound

Making rural communities safe from human trafficking.

Our Work - Legal Advocacy - A girl is helped by Blue Dragon to obtain legal documentation

Legal Advocacy

Blue Dragon offers a unique Legal Advocacy service for young people in crisis.

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