Stand up to slavery

Let’s work towards the end of human trafficking and slavery

Together, we can stop human trafficking

Vietnamese children, women and men are targets for sex trafficking and labour trafficking within Vietnam and across international borders.

Blue Dragon believes that every person should be free from slavery and safe from trafficking. And we believe it is possible.

We have a vision and a plan to end human trafficking in Vietnam.

Join us to create a lasting change.

The strategy

Develop and implement integrated clusters of activities that disrupt human trafficking.

This involves giving direct support to families; building community infrastructure; training frontline law enforcement and social workers; and supporting schools and community collectives.

Operate and measure these interventions in partnership with local people and agencies.

As we work, we measure our impact to be sure that our strategy is effective. If anything is not working, we find another way.

Scale up and replicate high-impact interventions.

Once we know what works, we take it to new areas to extend our impact. But these aren’t ‘one-size-fits-all’ models; each activity is tailored according to local needs, resources and cultures.

Transition our work to local ownership.

When we start our activities, we negotiate a timeframe for handing over to the community. Once we’ve handed this over, we offer support through the transition and only stay involved as needed.

Showcase our model to policy makers.

To end human trafficking, we need policy makers to adopt interventions that work and roll them out nationally. We take part in law reform initiatives and document our work so that the lessons we learn can be shared more broadly.

What we do


Across Vietnam, we work with high-risk communities to prevent trafficking before it happens.


We rescue people from slavery in Vietnam and neighbouring countries and help them start over.

Law reform

Through partnerships and collaboration with government agencies, we reform laws to strengthen the country against trafficking.

After rescue

Once people are set free, we care for them as long as they need and ensure justice is served against their traffickers.

Counselling session at Blue Dragon

Theory of Change

How Blue Dragon is ending human trafficking: Theory of change

Theory of change

Hai's story

After a frightening ordeal, Hai is finally safe from trafficking.

Our Work

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Street Kids

Through street outreach, Blue Dragon finds homeless children and offers shelter, family reunion, education, and health care.


Blue Dragon ensures disadvantaged and street children stay in school and receive an education.

Human Trafficking

Blue Dragon is leading the fight against slavery and trafficking in Vietnam.

Legal Advocacy

Blue Dragon offers a unique Legal Advocacy service for young people in crisis.

Stand up to slavery

A donation to Blue Dragon’s work will keep young people safe and protected from human trafficking.

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