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Multiply your impact when you pay it forward

Your donation today will be DOUBLED by our friends at Help For Hope.

All funds raised will


Bring children and their families back together

Start families on the road to self sufficiency by starting a small business or farm

Lift whole communities out of poverty with a simple ‘pay it forward’ model

How does ‘Pay it forward’ work?

The concept is tried and tested.

Your donation helps a family buy farm animals and get started with equipment and training.

When their animals first give birth, some are given to another community member in need… who in turn will do the same.

The impact of your giving goes far beyond the amount you donate.

Blue Dragon - support families with livelihood
Blue Dragon - support children and families

Who benefits?

  • Families of children who have been trafficked or are homeless
  • Families who are in such distress that they are highly vulnerable to being trafficked or becoming homeless

Immediate, short-term support will be provided to bring families back together, help children return to school, and put food on the table.

Lasting change, starting today.

buys 30 chicks for a family to start their own chicken farm.

provides basic needs like food as a family recovers from crisis.

reunites a street child with their family.

starts a small farm with pigs or cows.

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