Rebuilding after COVID-19

Vietnam has contained the virus, but the crisis is far from over.

Blue Dragon worked through the pandemic to keep children and families fed and safe.

Now, these families and young people need support to recover.

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It’s time to rebuild

The coronavirus pandemic has separated children from their families and destroyed jobs and sources of income all across Vietnam.

It has put families on the verge of homelessness, placed children at a very high risk of dropping out of school and made entire communities particularly vulnerable to human trafficking.

At the same time, girls and women who fell prey to traffickers are making their way back to Vietnam after being rescued or escaping from their captors.

It’s time to rebuild. To get home. To heal. To start over.

Here’s the Blue Dragon blueprint for rebuilding:

Blue Dragon - Social workers working with street children


Free girls and women from slavery.

Provide them with everything they need to recover, from shelter and counselling to legal representation and career advice and training.

Blue Dragon - A trafficking survivor reunited with her family


Bring families back together after children have been living on the streets or left school to find work in cities.

Reunite survivors of trafficking with their families after being freed from slavery and finishing their quarantine period.

Blue Dragon - Teenagers at the Learning centre


Help communities whose jobs and incomes have been lost and are now vulnerable to human trafficking.

Get young people back into school, training and jobs.

Provide assistance to families at risk of becoming homeless.

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